Horizon 2020 Project - 696800 TAIS


Not at all, for example the Highways Department in a local authority usually works closely with the Parking Services team and shares resources (especially in emergencies) as the work they carry out has a direct impact on parking operations. The TAIS development team are looking at way of using the TAIS App to capture road defects and lines and signs faults and send the data to Compliance Display Map for dissemination and action by responsible parties.  

It is invisaged the TAIS App could also be used for the enforcement of environmental crime, sending contravention data and evidence back to 3rd party Fixed Penalty Notice systems via a the TAIS Server middleware.

With the TAIS application you can manage all on / off street enforcement activities using one device and process any contravention).The application has full integration with Compliance Display Map and the TES ANPR Vehicle Range. Smart phone based solutions offer a lower cost of ownership than traditional Hand Held computers as they are are cheaper to buy and support and can also host other business applications in used by the operator. Notice data and evidence is transferred in real time via 3/4G. The TAIS application will work intially be released for Windows Phone and the Android operating systems.

With the TAIS Application you can process evidence and issue Penalty notices for Parking and Traffic enforcement from a smart phone using data captured by TES Cars and Bikes in spotter mode. Permits and cashless payments and even pay and display systems can be checked instantly by using the built in ANPR system.

The TAIS Application is also a full standalone notice issuing solution allowing the user to manually process any contravention on street or in a car park and issue and print a notice via a standard Bluetooth belt printer. The TAIS (middleware) Server is being designed to integrate with any pre-existing Notice Processing System.